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XXI Forever will be opening in St. Johns Town Center – 21 Forever

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Get ready for twice the crowd at your favorite Jacksonville shopping center.  Forever XXI  will be opening in St. Johns Town Center today, and is guaranteed to bring many trendy, bargain shopping fashionistas to this beautiful, outdoor shopping area. The store occupies 14,000 square feet of area.  Forever XXI  is a larger size version of Forever 21, that has many more categories, and much more inventory for your shopping experience.  This L.A. based fashion retailer specializes in women, men, and children’s clothing. They have recently been in the spotlight for adding a maternity category, as well as Faith 21, their plus size collection.

This addition to the St. Johns Town Center will bring more affordable prices, causing a possible decrease for other trendy women’s stores in the area, such as Express, Arden B, and Guess.  This will also bring a different crowd of shoppers to this area, which seems to be a concern with some shoppers. There are many mixed feelings about this.

“Putting a store like that in St. Johns will only bring more drama to the shopping center. With cheaper prices, come cheaper spenders, and with that, comes shoplifters, as well as lower-income crowds” Mary from Southside of Jacksonville, FL writes.

“Forever 21 needs to be placed in more locations around Jacksonville, everyone can’t afford the pricey stuff” Megan tweeted.

“St. Johns Town Center has always been known for being the home of stores with high-quality pieces. Putting a store like that there will look nice, but the clothing aren’t of great quality, and are just as cheap as the prices. Does St. Johns really want this?” Sarah stated.