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Yobe | Jacksonville Town Center | Self Serve Yogaberry

You may be asking where did Yogaberry in Jacksonville’s St. Johns Town Center go? I love yogaberry and was very sad to see that they had closed their doors at Jacksonville’s St. Johns Town Center. All the low fat deliciousness with the fresh fruit really made sense for something my kids will eat, and at least be a little bit healthy.

Frozen Yogurt fight at Jacksonville’s St. Johns Town Center!
Paying for your frozen yogurt by the ounce, you can add diced fruit including strawberry my favorite, chopped candy like Reece cups, crushed granola, and lots and lots of big nuts.


Yobe also offers waffle cones for an old fashioned walk through the Jacksonville’s St. Johns Town Center harkening back to old Americana where the ice cream was high carb, and there weren’t more automobiles than people.
Unlike the malt shops and ice cream parlors of yesteryear, Yobe’s decor is all white and very chic. Think about what a frozen yogurt place would look like if it were run by the Apple Store at Jacksonville’s St. Johns Town Center.
Yogaberry has locations throughout the city including Ponte Vedra Yogaberry, Mandarin Yogaberry, and Jacksonville Beach Yogaberry at 311 North 3rd Street.