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Bento Pan-Asian Cuisine and Sushi at Jacksonville Town Center

Jacksonville Florida Bento Sushi and Asian Cuisine

St. Johns Town Center Bento Sushi

Well, found out it was a sushi joint in Jacksonville Town Center I immediately went to check Bento Cafe Pan Asian and Sushi out. Was I ever pleased. Bento is awesome!

I love that Bento Sushi Cafe Jacksonville offer Noodle Bowls. Do you know how long I have been waiting for Jacksonville to open a place that serves Noodle Bowls? Probably not, but it has been a while.

While the Shrimp Udon Noodle Soup Bowl is great,  Bento Sushi Cafe Jacksonville offers a lot of other great menu items to choose from. The Bento Boxes at Bento Sushi Cafe Jacksonville are very popular and include your choice of meat and preparation that is served with noodles, rice, ginger salad and Asian green beans.
And lets not forget the Sushi at Bento Sushi Cafe Jacksonville. The sushi is ah-may-zing. Every day Bento Sushi Cafe Jacksonville has a special roll that they prepare and I suggest taking them up on it. MMMM.

If you are at the Jacksonville Town Center doing some shopping this is a great place to hit up for lunch or dinner. Or, if you just want some good Pan Asian cuisine, its worth the trip even without the shopping!

What exactly is Pan-Asian cuisine? Well, quite simply, it’s a variety of dishes from Asian countries, i.e. Chinese, Korean, Mongolian, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Indian, just to name a few. You may see pad Thai, bulgogi (Korean bbq), Indian curry dishes, sushi, tempura, and endless options in places such as Bento.  These type of restaurants are quite popular in Japan, Taiwan, and throughout major cities in Europe.  And now we have this in Jacksonville.  FINALLY.

The Hunan (snap peas, carrots, sliced bamboo shoots,and  in a spicy garlic sauce) chicken bento box ($7.50, tofu bento boxes are the same price) that comes with white rice, noodles, ginger salad, and a side of broccoli.  Any beef bento box is $8.25; $8.50 with shrimp.  The Thai coconut yellow curry chicken bento box.  Spicy cream chicken noodle bowl ($7.25) batter-fried served with a spicy creamy sauce over mini-Udon noodles; The chicken teriyaki noodle bowl ($7.25) and the fried pork dumplings ($4.25 for 5).  Our total bill for my family of 4 is about $28.

Overall, Bento provides a great inexpensive Asian meal in a fun, friendly, and modern atmosphere, and service is very quick.  Our meals came very quickly to our tables and with this much variety, you could come all year long and never have the same meal twice.  Next up is their sushi, then the tempura, then the ice cream….so little time, so much Asian food to eat.

 Bento Menu in Jacksonville's St. Johns Town Center

Bento Menu in Jacksonville

Bento Sushi and Pan Asian Menu in St. John's Town Center

Sushi and Pan-Asian Menu from Bento Cafe in Jacksonville Florida