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Sushi House 2 at Jacksonville Town Center next to Firehouse Subs

Sushi House 2
(904) 997-9292
102610River Marsh Dr
Jacksonville, FL 32246

Even at 9:30pm, Sushi House in Jacksonville Town Center was still almost half full of customers–good sign! Like it’s sister location, it’s just one rectangular dining room with 15 tables. Only 1 flat screen TV at Sushi House in Jacksonville Town Center sits on the far wall playing some Spanish movie that no one was paying attention to. The waitress that greeted us, sat us down, and served us. She was very friendly, patient, and gave recommendations. The menu is chock full of so many types of sushi rolls. Sushi House in Jacksonville Town Center  also serve hot entrees of the Habachi style. They even have a “Baymeadows” roll! I love that. Some other restaurant I remember offered a “Southside Blvd” roll.

The Crabmeat Wonton, the standard California roll, Dynamite Roll, Crab Rock Roll, and the waitress-recommended Volcano Roll. The Volcano Roll was drizzled with “Eel Sauce”, which is not what you think. It’s dark brown and slightly sweet–no salty at all. They were all fantastic. They were loaded with fresh ingredients. There was no odor.  The “hot” tea was not real hot; actually, it was warm. It was good tea, but I wish it was served almost piping hot, like coffee.

At first, I was getting agrivated with our waitress at Sushi House in Jacksonville Town Center , since I had to ask for sweetner for the tea (there was none on any table). I then had to ask for chopsticks; then I had to ask for napkins, twice! Remember, we were sat down to a clean but completely bare table. It wasn’t set and I suppose it threw off the wait staff. After we ate and then chitchatted with the waitress for a few minutes, I forgave here earlier oversights & tipped her 20%.