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Sportsmania at Town Center for your Gabbert Jersey! Go Jaguars!


The Blaine Gabbert era of Jacksonville Jaguars football begins on Monday, and it seems like fans have been anticipating this day for quite some time.
Stores like Sports Mania in the St. Johns Town Center have been trying to meet the demand for the #11 sweaters that just keep flying out the door. Manager Jeff Fingland says this isn’t a recent development either.
“There’s been a spike in interest, but honestly, he’s been a very consistent, good-selling brand name right out of the gate.”
Another top seller at sports apparel stores has been the official NFL sideline cap, which is a striped, retro-style cap that Gabbert constantly wears on the sideline when he’s not in the game.
Fingland says they’re working as hard as they can to keep jerseys in stock so everyone can be ready to go out and support Blaine and the Jags when they return to Jacksonville October 2nd to take on the Saints.

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