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J Alexander’s Restaurant in Jacksonville Town Center

J Alexander’s Jacksonville Town Center Restaurant
10296 Bistro Drive, Jacksonville, FL
(904) 996-7147


Reviews from Urban Spoon:


Second choice for dinner…

by Daniel Barton (11 reviews)
We tried to go to Bahama Breeze but it was so stupid-crowded, we left without even asking what the wait time would be.

We saw JAlexanders and decided to give it a go. The menu was was quite varied to say the least. There’s a little bit of everything-something for everyone. I tried the Rattlesnake pasta with chicken-it was a little bit spicy but very tasty. The misses tried some salad with chicken and that was really good too. The portions are HUGE!! We could only eat about 1/3 of what we ordered-took the rest home.

The feel of the place was very warm/subdued. It was nice to able to have a conversation and not raise your voice in doing so.

I’d go again…
Review 2:
Comfortable Trendy

by TheFoodist (16 reviews)
I like the resturant as a whole, food, service, and decor. The decor is modern, but comfortable. The service the 4 times I have been here has been great. Ive had waiters apologize for taking to long when things were timed perfectly. You are never wanting for a drink. They actually serve things the way you request, whcih should not be a big deal, but it is these days. The food is very good, but for the price is worth it. Steaks are tasty and have been cooked to order, the salads are execellent and fresh, the appetizers have been great, and desert finishes the meal perfectly. I like the onion ring tower, simple dish that most people would say everyone has, but few get it right and they do. The sides especially the spagetti squash are surprisingly good. The kids meals are good, so much food you could feed and adult. Overall a good dining experience, you get what you pay for here.
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Review 3:
Portions as big as your head!

by designermillion (76 reviews)
It was a weekend to try new restaurants. First Bowl of Pho on Saturday and then J. Alexander’s on Sunday. Once again, neither my husband or I was sure what to expect. We’d both viewed the menu online when they first opened, and didn’t seem too impressed. The menu appeared to be like a high-end TGIFridays or Bennigans’s. When we arrived we forgot it was Mother’s Day, so we had about a 20 minute wait. We didn’t mind waiting though. The atmosphere was nice and we managed to secure two seats across from the bar. Otherwise you had to wait outside, because I didn’t see much seating other than the bar. We were then seated in a VERY comfortable/roomy booth. My husband and I are on the chunky, so we like the extra room. A lot of places try to cram as many booths/tables as they can together, which doesn’t leave much room for comfort. We were immediately greeted by our waitress who took our drink order. We quickly zeroed in on the Colossal Onion Rings and ordered some to try. Our waitress said it was a good choice. When I saw the word “colossal”, I just assumed it meant those over-sized onion rings you get everywhere else. When they were brought out they were not only stacked about a foot high, but they were also the BIGGEST onion rings I’ve ever seen in my life! They were almost the entire outer layer of the onion in size, breaded in Panko with herbs (mostly Rosemary from what I could taste) and served with a chile mayo and ketchup. The onion inside was still slightly crunchy and not cooked to oblivion like other places. They were not greasy at all, and they were super crunchy and packed with flavor. My husband & I both agreed that they were the best onion rings we’ve ever had. For the main course my husband ordered the French Dip and a Caesar side salad and I had the Club Sandwich with the Alex side salad with blue cheese dressing. Neither of us knew that the sandwiches came with fries, we thought you had to purchase everything separately, so that is why we opted for the salads. When everything arrived, one of the runners told us we could have swapped the fries (they’re shoe-string which I am not a fan of) out for onion rings or even ordered just a half order of the rings. We had no idea, and our waitress never mentioned that. I would have been nice to know! The salads were HUGE. The side salad is as big as one you’d normally get as an entree elsewhere. Mine was not lacking for any of the toppings It was overflowing. The blue cheese dressing tasted homemade, and had a slightly sweet flavor. You can tell the blue cheese they used was very high quality. My sandwich was also overflowing. My favorite part was the bread. It was whole-wheat just chocked full of nuts and grilled in butter and stacked with all sorts of meats and cheeses. My husband’s dip was stacked full of roast beef. I had a bite and it was very yummy too. We had so much food to take home, we decided to get dessert too and have it all again for dinner. We ordered the White Chocolate Cheesecake, which the waitress said was very good and that they didn’t have very often. When we tried it later, neither of us cared for it at all. It was definitely lacking flavor. It was served with a mystery sauce that we couldn’t determine if it was strawberry or raspberry (or both?). It completely over powered the cheesecake, which wasn’t that good to begin with. Overall we will most definitely be going back. It’s a tad pricey, but definitely tasty! And the portions are humongous! I’m just wondering why a place like this doesn’t offer more dinner items. Everything appeared to be lunch type meals (sandwiches etc). I would be interested to know what they’re steaks taste like. Are they as big as your head too? Maybe I’ll have to give that a try next time!