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Wasabi Japanese Restaurant in Jacksonville Town Center

Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse at Jacksonville Town Center
10206 River Coast Drive
Jacksonville, Florida 32246

Tel: (904) 997-6528
Fax: (904) 997-6529

One of our favorite restaurants to visit on a regular basis is Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar, at Jacksonville Town Center.  As mentioned in this previous article, we’ve been to many Japanese steakhouses around Jacksonville and Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse at Jacksonville Town Center is the best one in the group.

Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse at Jacksonville Town Center uses incredibly high quality filets and grills them to tender perfection each time we visit.  The shrimp, chicken, rice, and vegetables at Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse at Jacksonville Town Center are also delicious.

Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse at Jacksonville Town Center offers a large assortment of sushi rolls, nigiri, and sashimi.  This article will focus on three of their very best sushi rolls.  The first two, bamboo and Tokyo, are our staple rolls that are consistently delicious.  However, we struggled for some time to find a third that was equally enjoyable.  We’re happy to say that the lobster sushi roll filled the void in the third spot.