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Jacksonville Jaguars Jerseys at SportsMania

“People loading up on the new Jags logo, new Jaguar Jerseys, Jacksonville Jaguars clothing, accessories, jag stickers for their car,” Lance Haney of SportsMania Jacksonville Town Center said.

All summer, Sports Mania has had a hard time keeping Jags gear on the shelves.
In fact, according to the chain, the Big Cats are the top-selling team in the league when it comes to merchandise.

“I think a lot of that comes from having the new Jacksonville Jaguars logo and Jacksonville fans being so excited about it,” Haney continued.

Jeffrey Sands is one of them. We found him on the hunt for the perfect Jaguars polo before Sunday’s home opener.

“Got to have something new for the Jags. Start the season off everything new,” he said with a grin.

With the fresh season and a new regime, the Big Cats are certainly going to be an electric team.