Burgers in Town Center

LUNCH! Seasons 52 Restaurant servers Burgers in Town Center

Sometimes you just need a burger. Join us for lunch and try our Rocky Mountain Buffalo Burger made with #truffle sauce and blue cheese. Looks delicious, @fernandagama on Instagram


Highlights of the lunch menu include:


Wood-fired burgers– Buffalo burger with blue cheese and truffle sauce from Rocky Mountain Buffalo Co.
Rocky Mountain Buffalo Co’s ranchers are committed to sustainable agriculture and delicious burgers!
Seasons 52 in Jacksonville Town center also offers:

– Wild, prime tuna burger with an Asian glaze and wasabi slaw

– Turkey burger made from Plainville Farms all-natural turkey with barbecue glaze and melted jack cheese

Also be sure to check out :

– Roasted Idaho potato wedges with truffle dipping sauce

Whether enjoying a wood-fired burger and tamale tots with a tomato-poblano mole or a more leisurely meal in the restaurant’s warm environment, more than 60 wines by the glass from the extensive and award-winning wine program are available.

We believe in offering our guests a broad range of dining experiences that appeal to a variety of taste and dietary preferences, and we welcome the opportunity to work with guests to customize their experience or make substitutions where possible. All items on our menus have been independently tested by accredited laboratories with expertise in nutritional testing. However, due to the handcrafted nature of our menu items and slight variances in ingredients we receive from suppliers, minor variations in nutritional values may occur. The most current nutritional information for our menus is published on our consumer Web site to help guests create a delicious meal that meets their nutritional needs.