BurgerFI Review from other Locations. Can’t Wait!

I’m a fan. BurgerFi is consistently serving up great food. They have cool burgers, interesting fries, shakes and beer, so they are hitting all the points in the modern, trendy burger joint playbook.

The BurgerFi sauce is great, and along with their great beef patties and an original, self-promoting bun, their burgers are the real deal. Fries can be ordered with several toppings, but I like mine plain and they are just as good that way. I definitely like their selection of draft beers too. I love a good pub ale with a burger and the last time I went, they had Boddingtons on tap… Well played, BurgerFI, well played.

If I have 1 criticism, it is the price tag. A cheeseburger, small fries (no toppings) and a beer came out to almost $17. For a counter-service burger place, that seems a little steep. The small fries are definitely large enough for 2-3 to share, so maybe offering a smaller FF size or better beer prices could help curb that price tag in to sub-$15 territory. Lets remember, its still just a burger and fries, and this is Orlando not New York.


Awesome burgers! All natural angus and fresh toppings. Create your own or try one of their creations. They also have veggie burgers, hot dogs, a brisket burger, and the breakfast all day burger with hash browns, a fried egg, bacon and syrup. For those watching carbs, you can get your burger “green style” with lettuce instead of the bun. I’m obsessed with the burger fi sauce which is made fresh daily.

Fresh cut fries which you can add things like Parmesan and herb, salt and vinegar, or hot Cajun spices to. FiancĂ© and I split the regular sized fry and it’s was definitely enough. Onion rings the size of your face! I love onion rings and while the size is comical, they’re not the best tasting. Never crispy enough because they’re cut so thick.

They have some special burgers and fries on the “secret menu”… Which is not much of a secret since it’s listed right by the regular menu. We get the extra crispy fries.

Craft beer on draft and bottles. Buy 2 glasses of wine and get the rest of the bottle for free!

Also free wifi! We love this place and will be back!